To facilitate the delivery of effective local governance, basic infrastructure and social services by creating and enabling environment for improvement of the quality of lives of Central District Community.



  • To coordinate, manage and implement planned development projects in Central District Council.

  • To coordinate the implementation of planned, routine and emergency maintenance works for all Council facilities to ensure all Council buildings are in acceptable standard of utilization.

  • To coordinate parks and recreational activities

  • To regulate building developments within the planning areas of the District in line with the framework of the Building Control Act and development Control code etc.


The Arch and Buildings department comprises of 3 sections which are as follows:-

  • Maintenance Section

  • Building Control section

  • Parks and Cemetery


Service description

  1. Maintenance Section

For routine maintenance on council facilities i.e. primary schools, staff houses, parks, bus ranks and Rural Administration Centre (RAC).

Service standard

  1. Emergency building maintenance: time between report/request submission and when maintenance work is completed – 1 day

  2. Water supply Restoration: time taken between water supply interruption and water restoration – 5hrs

  3. Blockage removal: time between reporting and service provided – 7hrs

  4. Routine maintenance: periodic maintenance of facilities according to schedule – Schedule adherence 100%

Where do you get and acquire the service?

Clients need to report faults by filling the relevant form (job card) at Arch & Building services office or report by telephone for emergency situations e.g water supply restoration, emergency building maintenance and blockage removal in all council facilities.


  1. Building Control Section

To ensure buildings are constructed according to building control code/standards.

Service standard

  1. Issuance of building permits : time between an application lodging and issuance – 6 weeks

  2. Inspections: time between inspection request and actual inspections – 1 day

  3. Occupation Permits Issuance: the time between final inspection request and issuance – 1day

Where do you get the service?

The service can be accessed by enquiring from Arch & Building services office

How do you acquire the service?

After the plans have been perused, the client is informed by a letter about the outcome of his/her submission. Client can book for inspection through telephone or visiting Arch and Buildings office.

What are the requirements for obtaining the service?

  1. Client need to submit 4 copies of plans and land board documents

  2. Fill application forms (three copies) and pay perusal fee which is dependent on the building floor area.

  3. Book for inspections for all construction stages

  1. Parks and Recreational Section:

To coordinate parks and recreational activities

Use of parks

Client can use park by booking from Arch & Buildings office and authority is granted by filling permit form which he/she will be required is present to the security guard at Park.

The allowable time to use the park is 1 hr per day depending on the demand.

Where do you get the service?

The service can be accessed by enquiring from Arch & Building services office.

How do you acquire the service?

The service can be acquired by booking from Arch & Building services office.