Service description

The department carries out maintenance on council facilities i.e. primary schools, staff houses, park, bus rank, Bobonong and Mmadinare Abattoirs, Streetlights and Rural Administration Centre (RAC).


Service standard

  • Attend to malfunctioned important facilities (power cuts to any institution, street lights etc.) within 24 hours.

  • Attend to complain /report within 7 days from the date of receiving complains to the date of attending it.


What is the area coverage of streetlights?

Streetlight covers the whole surrounding of CBD (Central Business District).


Where do you get and acquire the services

Our services can be acquired in RAC and at any Electrical department Office or through telephone incase the client is outside Bobonong.


What are the requirements for obtaining the services?

Clients need to report faults by filling the relevant maintenance report book at Electrical Department Office or report by telephone for emergency situations or where by the client is not based in Bobonong.